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Argo Smart is dedicated in developing simple and effective Internet of things (IoT) products. the key of the IoT is the smooth communication between both things and things, things and people. There are many products between things and people at present. But the real time that IoT being complete is only when things and things are able to communicate smoothly. This is what we’ve been working for: How to overcome the problem of information transmission or line breaking. Let signals between things and things send or receive smoothly. Try to make a control which is both diversity and high information security.

Taking advantages of its R&D edge, the company is capable of integrating transmitted signals effectively to provide buyers various and simple remote control systems.


I. Remote Controller in Conjunction with Wall Panel Controller

The all-round control method comes from our exclusive technical part, which is a special structure inside the switch. This structure can be enabled by remote controller and wall panel controller at the same time. In other words, even when the wall panel is closed, the remote control can still be used.
The remote control for lighting in market is generally without a wall panel controller today. Wall panel controller must be in the open state if wall panel controller is required. If the wall panel is in the closed state, then remote controller cannot be used.
Lighting remote has not yet gained popularity in the market so far, which is because of inhuman designs. For example, if the remote controller had turn off the light and then lost this remote controller. Then the light can no longer be used by wall panel.
In addition, this technical can save over 90% power by standby period. In order to make the appliance able to remote at any time, the power supply must be kept in on to standby in nowadays. But if our products used, it will save over 90% power by standby period.

II. Better Communication Band

The communication mode of this product is based on the RF remote control of 315HZ, 433HZ and 2.4G frequency bands. These frequency bands have been used around the world for many years. There is no need to re-promote them to the market, and no additional relay stations or hub boxes are used for message relay.
There are three advantages that Argo Smart’s remote control is better than infrared remote control. First is the control distance. Argo Smart’s remote control is up to 50 meters. But infrared light is about 2 to 3 meters. Second is Argo Smart’s remote control has no directional limitation. But infrared needs to be aligned to the receiver. Third is Argo Smart’s remote control can penetrate obstructions which infrared cannot.
There are also three advantages that Argo Smart’s remote control is better than WIFI remote control. First is Argo Smart’s remote control does not require a base station. But WIFI needs a signal transmitter. Second, Argo Smart’s remote control is no need of disconnection or system update which WIFI needs to be reconnected every time. Third is Argo Smart’s remote control have extremely high security to information. And WIFI has Hacking doubts.
In addition, there are other advantages such as low cost and low latency.

III. An Individual Field of IoT In 50 Meters

Argo Smart’s switch has 1 million sets of channels in the power section for message transmission in 50 meters. As stated on the previous words, the realization of the IoT lies in the unimpeded communication between objects and objects. With the advantage of the 1 million sets of ramps and RF remote control, the micro-controller can send messages to each other in a triggered condition to achieve an individual field of IoT.
For example, in the case of current smart home devices, after the home owner still needs to press the home button with a mobile phone (WIFI remote control), the smart device at home will start activities; in terms of Argo Smart’s products, When the main approaching room is less than 2M, the microcontroller turns on or turns on other responses such as lighting and air conditioning due to the sensing of the shortened distance.

Argo Smart’s R&D focus in both the high efficient and safe link between objects and objects, and the convenient and friendly communication between the objects and people. Welcome all the professionals to visit and establish friendly and cooperative relations.


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